Nearside Wheel Arch

The footwell has been completely corroded ever since I bought the van and I've had a replacement arch in the garage for 2 years now so I decided to bite the bullet and get stuck in.

This is the nearside wheelarch, although the top part is in reasonable condition, the footwell is like Swiss cheese.
Somebody made a real pigs ear of this in the past.
Drilling-out the spot'll need very hard drill bits for this, I blunted a load of HSS ones that I bought from Halfords, get the hardest ones you can. I used a 5mm drill for these. The Spot welf drill I bought from JK was far too big.
Once I had drilled out the spot welds I thought I'd cut some of the wheel arch away so that I could see what I was doing. Having never done this before I was nervous about damaging the 'B' Post but it was fine, I just left a couple of mm of the wheelarch to grind down later.
Here it is with most of the arch cut away. Now to chisel off the remaining pieces.
Forcing the drilled-out spot welds apart with a chisel..
And without too much trouble the remaining strip comes away.