Louvered Window and Repair Bodywork

I decided to tackle the louvered window. I bought a second-hand window on EBay and thought I should look into how much rust might be hiding under the rubber seal of the louvered window.

Here's the window as it was.
So I'm suspecting there's a bit of rust hiding under that rubber.
..but I wasn't expecting this !!!
I like a project but this is ridiculous. Basically the whole of the lower window sill is rotten and will need extensive repair work.
It's all like this. I'm going to cut out all the bad bits and weld some patches in.
And more..
The correct original window seal (I'd already bought the wrong one from JK).
Cutting out the rotten bits. I did think about making by own replacement but JustKampers sell one that seems ideal so I've got one of those to try.
Cutting out using my air saw is thankfully quite straightforward.
The weather is fantastic this summer (2010) so I'm getting on with looking at this repair.
Cutting the JK window sill to size. I'm going to have to fabricate the curved pieces at either end, as these don't seem to be an item that JK stock.
Neodymium magnets bought from ebay used to offer up the new sill to test the fit before welding.
A closer view of the magnets.
Putting small welds in to hold the piece ready for seam welding. My welding still sucks despite my practicing on scrap metal, I just can't seem to get the right settings on my welder.
Grind down to clean metal, then weld.