Carburetor Overhaul

I've bought a Carburetor Rebuild Kit from JK, so I'd better get the carb out ready for its new parts. I followed this really useful guide.

Grubby looking original VW Solex carb. I'm slightly worried that this might be yet another thing that I take apart and leave in a tin for 4 years.
Undo the 2 nuts holding it to the engine, unplug the 2 electrical connections, detach the throttle cable and it lifts free, quite straighforward really.
A view of where the carb was mounted....oh god what have I done?!

You can see the throttle cable coming through the tinware into the foreground.
Carb out side view.
The other side.
Undo the 5 screws on the top and the top and bottom come I hope this ends well.
The gasket is broken, which may explain the fuel leak I saw a couple of days ago when trying to start her.
Gently lifting out the small plastic clip and the tank lifts out.
Removing the fuel inlet needle valve, the rebuild kit contains a replacement...although this one looks in pretty good condition.
Removing the brass emulsion jet (step 08 in the guide).
Just about to remove the choke mechanism, as suggested by the guide, I have scored the casing so I can align it correctly when I reassemble.
Choke mechanism removed, there's a grain of crap in there, probably not causing a problem, but its convinvced me that I'm doing the right thing by stripping and rebuilding it. Its probably the original 1976 carb ... so that's pretty old ;-)
Unscrewing the fuel cut-off solenoid (after using a spanner to loosen it of course), I intend to test it with my bench PSU (step 06 in the guide).
Unscrew the idle jet (step 11 in the guide).

Having removed the 13mm blanking plug, I'm unscrewing the main jet (step 09 in the guide).

The inside of the tank looks like the inside of a coffee percolator I used to own.

Removing the idle mixture screw (step 10 in the guide).

Removing the idle speed screw (step 10 in the guide). I forgot to take the advice about notiing how many turns out these were from being fully screwed-down, which means setting this back up is going to be more tricky than it needed to be....doh!

Accessing the accelerator pump...
...accelerator pump...
I used a stanley knife to gently prise away the accelerator pump diaphragm (step 12 in the guide).
I followed the guide above and mostly it was really straightforward, the only thing it didn't really explain was how to remove this brass jet. I spent 5 minutes looking for some tiny screw or flange but actually you just carefully twist it from side-to-side and it comes loose.
Brass bits in a bowl ready to be covered in Cola and left overnight, the phosphoric acid should clean them up nicely without damaging them.
Click the image on the right for a video of me testing the shut-off valve.
You basically work back through the steps in reverse until voila, a nice clean rebuilt Solex..